Monday, October 18, 2010

Netbook Game Quest 2: Fun Games and Games That Make Me Want To Punch a Juggalo

I tried a new batch of games these past few days and I found everything from surprise in a game I would normally not try, and the most frustrating install attempt ever. Games I tried: Kitsu Saga, Grand Fantasia, Shaiya, and Soul of Ultimate Nation Online.

Kitsu Saga/

This game was a little too cute for my taste, but would probably appeal to younger gamers or those who really enjoy anime style games. This game like all of the other Aeria games installed quickly with no problems on my netbook. Also like the other Aeria games it demonstrated the same resolution issue and did not stretch to fit the screen even on the minimum settings. However, unlike the other Aeria games I tried it was barely playable..the fps surprisingly low. I was unable to determine if this was because I was on a netbook, or just general server load while trying to run around in town. Either way it was very difficult to play and overall just not that interesting to me.

Grand Fantasia/

This game similar to Kitsu Saga also features a cute anime style game play, but was surprisingly fun. Think DDO meets Hello Kitty. I was able to install it with no trouble and although it did have resolution issues, after a few hours of playing I barely noticed. I was very pleased that unlike many anime or asian style mmorpg's the quest chains actually made sense. The game even prompts you to accept a quest if you miss it, and the map is easy to read. It was one of the best games I've tried so far, and I would definitely recommend it especially for novice gamers to learn general mmorpg concepts, as it is very intuitive.


As with all aeria games I've tried so far, it installed just fine. It played smoothly although did encounter the same resolution issues. This game played just fine, however it was just boring. It kind of felt like a bare bones or stripped down version of other mmorpgs only offering very basic functions. Over all, I would not really recommend it.

Soul of Ultimate Nation/actual website for direct US download unknown

I was shown a trailer for this game and it looked almost exactly like the type of game I have been looking for. It ended up being the game that made me want to punch a clown. I had numerous problems downloading this game..however most of them had nothing to do with the specs of my netbook. First of all I tracked down the Soul of Ultimate Nation website and went to download the game. There is not a direct download for it on the game's website, it instead directs you to a list of host sites where you can download the game. Well at least half of the sites do not offer the English/USA download, and the first English/USA download I tried failed. It said the file was broken, and gave me spyware. (Normally I don't download things from unknown sites, but I don't really have anything irreplaceable on this computer and I was so excited to try this game, I took the risk) So, I got rid of the spyware and tried one of the other host sites. This time it downloaded just fine, and the game opened to the login screen. I went to register a new account to login to the game, and to my frustration there is a 10 character restriction on the email address you can use. I have only one email account that was short enough, so I registered using this email and then never received the confirmation email. So then I had to go and create a new email account to be able to receive the confirmation email. Finally I had registered. I logged in with my new account info and got the message 'This game is not for USA, please download USA version" Now this was frustrating because this was labeled as the USA version on the host site I downloaded it from. Also the game's site does not really give much info at all about downloading and installing the game. Finally after some Googling I found a different site that had the American version of the game. I downloaded it. It took forever to download, and in the end didn't run on my computer due to compatibility issues. I would definitely not recommend this game, if nothing else just for the headache it takes to get it. If someone has successfully downloaded this game to a regular computer and played it, please let me know how it is. I am still curious and might try it again once I have my desktop system up.

So some of these games worked pretty well and others were a nightmare, but now I know. I really need you guys to send me some recommendations for free mmorpgs to try and review. Please message me! Also only 3 more days until I get to try the Forsaken World beta. I will post a review on that sometime shortly after.

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