Thursday, November 4, 2010

gPotato: Not So Hot

This week I was asked by a friend to try and review some of the gPotato games. After some consideration I tried Aika, Flyff, and Rappelz. These games have been described by friends as "easily running on low end systems" and "will probably run on anything" However, this was not my experience. All three games installed just fine, patched just fine, but were not playable. Aika actually offered a 1000x600 resolution and I was able to make a character but beyond that screen the game client would always freeze and crash. Rappelz would not even load and the game client would also freeze and crash. Flyff was the same. So maybe if you have your grandmother's old desktop, you might have success with these games, but a netbook not so much. I will post reviews of Mabinogi and Fiesta later this week, and if anyone has some recommendations for games to review please comment or message me.

Draiga Veritas
Rogue Paladin Venomancer Barbarian Necromancer Archer Extrodinaire

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